1. What does Glammic™ mean?

Glammic™ is a word made up for our business.  It’s meant as an adjective, as in epic, heroic, or cosmic.

2. What is a Shirtcape?

The Glammic™ Shirtcape is our own patented design that we started producing in 2009.  Available in several different color combinations, the Shirtcape is a shirt with a cape built into the shoulder seams.  We created this product to inspire imaginative play, to be easy to wash and wear, and to be more of a non-commercial and everyday item than other capes on the market.  

3. How does it wash and wear? 

Glammic™ Shirtcapes are built to wash!  They can be machine washed and dried and will only shrink a tiny bit and will not lose their color.  Customized letters & appliqués are hand cut, then heat set and sewn for maximum durability.

4. How long does it take to get a custom shirt cape made? 

If you order online, orders will generally be sent out the next business day (It could take longer during holidays and busy times).  If you order in the SF store, customizations can usually be done within 20 minutes or  by the next business day.  You can also call ahead to be sure. 

5. How long will it take to ship my order?

We ship our orders using USPS Priority Mail, which generally arrives in 2-3 business days and is track-able.  You can call or email us to get your tracking number or if you think your package may have been lost.  Don't worry, we're here to help!

6. Do you do same-day delivery?

We are currently working with Deliv and most days will be able to deliver to addresses in San Francisco for a flat rate of $10.00.  Call us at 415-409-4200 to set up a same-day delivery.

7. Can I order online and pick my order up in the store? 

Yes, you can.  Just choose the Pick Up in Store option during Checkout.

8. Where are Glammic™ products made? 

Glammic™ products are all made in San Francisco and customized at our worldwide headquarters in SF’s Russian Hill neighborhood.

9. So it’s Glammic, not Glammie? 

We get this a lot.  The name is Glammic™, but we don’t really care what you call us, as long as you call.