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Knock Knock, it’s Halloween!

A beautiful fall day at Glammic

A beautiful fall day at Glammic

It’s the time of year for ghosts, candy corn, flying witches, and scary delights. That’s right, it’s Halloween! And once again, the team at Glammic has been working on some awesome costumes. From cute monster costumes to candy eating inmates and even a hot dog- we’ve been making all types of fun get-ups for kids to rock on the 31st!

But there’s more newness to Glammic Halloween 2013. This year for our window we teamed up with “yarn bomber” Jesse Hemmons to showcase some adorable, one-of-a-kind knit creations just in time for the spooky holiday. Check out her website, ishknits, for more awesome yarn pieces.

photo (2)

Awesome Monsters!

Awesome Monsters!

Halloween Window

Halloween Window

Project Presidio Chapel

Welcome to the Presidio Chapel

Welcome to the Presidio Chapel

Summer is coming to an end and this summer was one of the busiest in Glammic’s history. We had a summer fling with the historic Presidio in San Francisco, creating handmade banners for the Presidio Chapel.

Inspired by the artwork of Ryan Jones, each of the fabric banners created at Glammic has an applique based off of Jones’s illustrations of  plants and animals native to the Presidio.

photo 3 (2)

Each four by five foot banner is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted and features larger than life appliques. Brittany created the appliques by interpreting Jones’s illustrations into fabric. After lots of drawing, cutting, sewing, and assembling, the Glammic crew headed over to the Presidio to see the banners installed.

Why are we still talking about this? Head over to the Presidio and check them out for yourself! There are tons of events at the Presidio with fun for everyone.


Brittany with the Banners in the Chapel

Great Horned Owl

California Poppy

Red Admiral


Brown Pelican


Checkerbloom Flower and West Coast Lady Butterfly

photo 3 (1)

Larkspur Flower and Bee

Fruit and Veggies Month!


We’re just a veggie loving bunch!

June has come again, which means it’s the perfect weather for summer fun. And what’s yummier during the summertime than fresh produce?

Good thing June happens to be National Fruit and Vegetable month!

Looking for a fun activity to do this summer? Get your produce when its freshest by visiting one of the many farms outside of the city that offer self-picking services. Kids love getting to pick their own food and there’s many different options such as peaches and berries to keep you hungry.

To celebrate the yummy-goodness at Glammic we’ve been showcasing some happy produce appliques. From dancing bananas to grinning carrots, all our produce have a little pep in their step.



The Flower Girl Collection


As spring begins to bloom into summer, so does wedding season! With romance in the air at Glammic, we’ve created the new Glammic Flower Girl Collection.  Pictured with pink tulle, this dress can be changed to match any wedding’s color scheme. Check out our window with mannequins that almost seem to be alive!

Did you know that flower girls have been in weddings for centuries? Historically, flower girls used to carry items to symbolize prosperity and over time became a staple of weddings all over the world. Since the Victorian Age dresses have typically been white with different color accents.

Look forward to the launch of our collection in June!



Earth Day 2013


The weather has been beautiful in San Francisco recently- which is perfect timing for Earth Day! This year we got fancy with our window display, featuring an awesome globe made by Glammic designer Brittany Burggraff.

Earth Day isn’t the most well-known holiday, in fact it was only started in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, but at Glammic we’re celebrating our planet in full force. Quick quiz – do you know what the 3 R’s are? If you said Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle then you are correct!

Papier-mâché Earth by Brittany

Easter & The Union Street Parade

Check out the ferocious new Cheetah and Zebra!

Check out the ferocious new Cheetah and Zebra!

Easter was an exciting time at Glammic. Our window featured awesome yarn balloons made by Jena, which added a cool art element to the display.

We also took part in our first ever parade, proudly marching down Union for the 22nd Annual Union Street Easter Parade. Despite the rain, the sky opened up just long enough for us to strut our stuff. From cart wheeling bunnies and hens to a princess frog and roller skating unicorn, the Glammic team made quite the impression. It was a fun day for all and we’ll definitely be back next year for seconds! Check out some photos from the event, including some photos from SFGate!

Glammic Banner

Proud Glammic Crew

Behind the Scenes... Me gusta pollo!

Behind the Scenes… Me gusta pollo!

Official Glammic Royalty

Official Glammic Royalty

Glammic Team Ready To Go!

Glammic Team Ready To Go!

Unicorns are Real!

Unicorns are Real!

Animal Magnetism at its Finest

Animal Magnetism at its Finest

Marc makes a celebrity appearance

Marc makes a celebrity appearance

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 7.08.24 AM

The Kids had a Blast at the Parade

Gong Xi Fa Cai!



Happy Chinese New Year!

Here at Glammic we’re ringing in the new year with our second annual Chinese New Year window, celebrating the year of the Water Snake. Did you know that each Chinese zodiac has different traits? For example, people born under the Snake zodiac during the water year are said to be insightful, intelligent, and organized.

Additionally, the new year is the perfect time to clean and prepare for the coming months. Fun fact: it’s traditionally frowned upon sweeping during the new year because it’s believed you’ll be sweeping out all the good luck.

Done and done!


Custom Baby Tees- Tell us which one is your favorite! We can't decide...

Custom Baby Tees- Tell us which one is your favorite! We can’t decide…

New Year Window Pics (4) (1024x707)

Year of the Snake Window

2012 Wrap-Up!

The new year is in full swing and we’re moving forward. But, we had to look back over our shoulders. Last year was filled with new products, anniversaries, and more. Here’s our official list of Glammic’s best moments (ranked by date):

1. Chinese New Years Window

2. New Baby Tees

3. SFMade Week

4. The Golden Gate Bridge Window

5. Glammic’s one year anniversary

6. Fruit and Vegetable Month

7. The Jungle Window Display

8. Halloween and Glammic’s fun costumes

9. The Flood

10. The Holiday season

DSC_0129 (1280x900)

Warm and toasty inside during the Holidays!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Xin Nian Kuai Le 2012!

Fire Hydrant gone wrong

Fire hydrant gone wrong

Autumn Has Arrived!

Here in San Francisco, the days are getting shorter and weather colder. But Glammic won’t be slowing down. Our latest season-inspired window features a turkey appliqued ShirtCape and a beautiful array of leaves. What would autumn be without the beautiful, crunchy leaves that decorate the tree branches and sidewalks? In fact, the term “fall” originates from how leaves fall from trees this time of year. And even more interesting, the natural color of leaves are the orange and yellow hues that appear after summer ends.

As November continues to dwindle by, don’t forget to enjoy the changing of seasons before the holiday mania begins!

Gobble Gobble!

Ding-Dong, Halloween!

Carrot, Lobster, Pufferfish, and Shark- Oh My!

As everyone starts stocking up on candy for trick-or-treaters, Glammic is gearing up for Halloween! We love dressing up and nothing can be funner than an awesome costume. From healthy costumes- eggplant anyone?- to the eight-eyed spider, Glammic has both the frightening and the endearing! In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, over 40% of Americans dress up annually! For a holiday that dates back over 6,000 years and suspected of originating in Ireland, Halloween has become a classic American holiday.

With October 31st fast approaching, Glammic wants to remind everyone to have a safe, fun night. Some of our favorite safety tips include carrying flashlights, wearing glow in the dark or reflective items, and always being alert.

Happy Halloween!

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